Wild Rose Sisters

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I’m so excited to bring you an all-new three-book series set in the gorgeous Oregon farm country near Mount Hood. Payton, Josie and Alexandra are half-sisters, but there’s nothing halfway about their love and loyalty to each other—and to their beloved Aunt Marilyn, who raised them on Wild Rose Farm.

The three sisters share the same mother, their Aunt Marilyn’s younger sister, Adrienne. Something of a wild child with a need to wander, Adrienne never stayed in one place—or with one man—for very long. All three of Adrienne’s daughters remember her as mostly absent and always focused on her next adventure in life and love. As children, the girls missed her. Each of them wondered why her mother rarely came home. But the girls never lacked for the things a child needs the most. They always had Aunt Marilyn to love them and look after them.

In their hearts, all three sisters consider Marilyn their true mother. Adrienne died when her daughters were 10, 12 and 14. The girls and Marilyn mourned her. But life went on at Wild Rose Farm. Sometimes money was tight, but they always got by. It was a good life. Adrienne’s daughters were healthy, happy and loved.

As grown women now, each of the sisters has a different dream for her future. Alexandra, the eldest, is a hard-charging corporate lawyer in Portland. She’s focused on making partner soon. Josie, the middle sister, helps run the farm and also works as a veterinarian. She wants children, the more the merrier. Payton, the baby of the family, juggles three jobs. Mornings, she holds up her end at the farm. She has a job working nights to help with the bills. Each afternoon, she sits at her laptop writing stories she hopes to publish someday.

As for love with the right guy, not one of the three sisters has met the man for her—yet. But they will. Starting with Payton’s story, The Father of her Sons, available in November 2021…



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