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Christine Rimmer - New York Times Bestselling Author

Marooned With the Maverick


Seducing the Schoolteacher?

We apologize, dear readers, for our brief hiatus in publication. The offices of the Rust Creek Rambler were damaged in the Great Flood, but we are now filing our reports from a bar stool at the Ace in the Hole. And do we have scandalous news for you!

We have it on good authority that during the storm, gorgeous rapscallion Collin Traub was stranded with our beloved kindergarten teacher Willa Christensen-alone. In a barn. Overnight. No one knows why, but Willa could barely stand the sight of Collin before. And now? Oh, readers-we don't like to kiss and tell. But our sources tell us that the sexy Rust Creek cowboy has set his sights on lassoing the sweet schoolmarm...for good!



“Bad boy, renegade and eternal bachelor Collin Traub and good-girl schoolmarm Willa Christensen are lifetime adversaries who have always secretly lusted for one another. When the worst flood their town of Rust Creek, Montana has ever seen brings them together, they indulge publicly in their attraction under the scrutiny of the town’s prying eyes. When things take a serious turn, Willa must decide if he’s worth the risk of heartbreak and Collin must figure out if he’s ready for forever.  Rimmer’s romance is a pleasure to read, filled with belly laughs and a tragedy that gives the tale its realism, as well as a bucolic setting that radiates small-town wholesomeness.”  --Debbie Haupt, RT BookReviews, 4 ½ stars.

“I loved Collin and Willa's story. For a change, Mr. Bad boy was trying so hard to do the right thing. Low on self esteem but high on adrenaline, he was in a tough bind thinking he wasn't good enough for the Kindergarten teacher though he wanted her so bad. Worried about the towns people and the flood, and Willa's reputation all at the same time, and wondering how he could ever measure up to what she deserved. Highly recommend this book. Can not wait for the next one.”  --Anita Hayes, 5 stars. Amazon.com

“This was an Awesome story. Some parts had me holding my breath, the action, suspense, and Romance was a perfect blend. Willa, and Collin knew each other as kids. They secretly had always had a crush on each other. Willa had always run away from Collin anytime she saw him. Collin had a reputation of being the town bad boy. Willa was now a school teacher. Willa got to see who Collin really was when he saved her during the flood. He also stood up, to help the town out. Willa liked what she saw. Collin on the other hand still had insecurity on how he thought people saw him. In so many books when a Hero, or Heroine has insecurity’s you hear it over and over. In this story it added to the story nicely, but was not over kill. The author is very talented. I like how the friendship between Collin, and Willa grew into something special. I didn’t feel like it rushed. I had waited for this book to come out, and it did not disappoint.” –Paula Legate, 5 stars, Amazon.com and Gooodreads

“…As (Collin and Willa) spend time together working on the flood cleanup he tries very hard to fight his growing feelings. I loved the way that he finally gave up the fight, but he still didn't believe that he was someone that would be good for her. As many times as she told him just how wonderful her was he still couldn't believe in himself. It took awhile for him to realize just how much he loved her, but his big moment at the end was fantastic….”—Susan Frank, 5 stars, Goodreads


Marooned With the Maverick

ISBN: 978-0373657513

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