This month, I’m eager to tell you a little about my October release, Garrett Bravo’s Runaway Bride.

Garrett Bravo is enjoying a break from his booming construction business and his mother’s relentless matchmaking when runaway bride Cami Lockwood stumbles into his mountain hideaway. Cami’s like no one he’s ever met before and in no time the two are the best of friends. Garrett helps Cami deal with her controlling family. And to get his mother off his case, Cami pretends to be his live-in love. It’s just friends helping friends, right?

Then why does it quickly start to feel like so much more? 😊

Click the links below the gorgeous cover to read more about this book, check out the first chapter and to preorder your copy.

And until next month, happy reading everyone,


Updated: August 16, 2017

Available October 2017